The Best Way to Cook Prawns

Prawns can be found easily all over the world and all year round, although summer is the best season to find this appetizing seafood. Besides appetizing, prawns are also healthy to consume since it’s got omega-3 fat as well as protein that can maintain your body well.

How to Cook Prawns in General

There are many menus you can try to cook prawns. But there must be somewhere to begin after you buy the prawns from the supermarket. Here is the preparation of cooking prawns and also the way you cook it in general.

  1. Removing its head

The taste of prawn’s head is quite unpredictable, so it’s better off to remove the head at the first hand. You just have to twist and pull the head from its body and simply throw it away.

  1. Peeling its shell and feet

Put your thumbs to the biggest diameter of its body and peel it to the back so the feet will be peeled off as well. For some kind of prawn, you can just leave the shell and eat it or peel it after the cook.

  1. Cutting its vein

Cut the back of prawn along the head-to-tail and you will find a black vein. Pull it carefully and cut it to avoid a bitter taste of the prawn. You can do it with the shell unpeeled and still with the same step.

  1. Cleaning

Clean the prawn using water from the tap and dry it before you cook it. Make sure that you dry it properly because too much water in a prawn will reduce its sweetness.

  1. Frying

Prepare olive oil and/or butter on the frying pan. Put and stir the prawns in the frying pan and wait until the color change into orange or red. For better taste, you can put garlic or shallot first before the prawn.

Kinds of Prawns You Can Find in Supermarket and How to Cook Them

If you are new to this prawn things, it is better for you to know the difference between the kinds of prawns that are sold in the supermarket. You can see it easily by their shape, size, and color to distinguish from one type to another.

  1. School Prawns

This kind of prawn is quite small among others. Even so, it is available all year round and the peak is around spring until the autumn comes. This prawn is usually sold when it’s cooked since it’s life is quite short. Since it’s got a sweet taste, you can cook this prawn with the fried rice or make it into a cocktail.

  1. Banana Prawns

The size of banana prawn is medium, so it can be served in small pieces by chopping it or it can be in full body. The taste of it is between sweet and mild. It is best to cook as a spicy cuisine.

  1. Tiger Prawns

This prawn is pretty easy to spot since it is quite large for a prawn size, and it has black stripes on its grey skin. Late summer is the best season for this type until the beginning of autumn. It’s usually cooked as barbecue, a soup or simply fry it with garlic.

  1. King Prawns

King prawn is larger than tiger prawn since it is the biggest of its kind. The color of its tail is bright blue before it’s cooked. This prawn is really popular in Australia and it’s available in summer until the winter starts. King prawn has got the shape, so rather than cut it into pieces, it’s better to serve it in its full body. Usually, it’s served cold with dipping sauce.

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