The Healthiest Seafood You Should Try

Seafood is one type of food that is in demand by many people. Besides being so delicious, seafood also contains many nutrients needed by the body. Even some of them contain substances that are not found in other foods.

Not surprisingly, many people like seafood. Seafood consists of various types of fish and also other marine animals, such as shrimp, oyster, squid, and so on. As one type of food that is beneficial to body health, seafood contains many nutrients that are good for the body.

Seafood Nutrition Content in General

Seafood which is a food that comes from the ocean has a myriad of benefits for body health. One of them is to educate the brain. People who eat seafood often tend to be smarter than those who never eat seafood. This is related to the content of omega 3 in seafood which is good for brain development.

That is just one of the benefits of eating seafood. There are still many more benefits from it along with the nutritional content contained therein. In the following, we summarize the nutritional content that is commonly found in seafood and its benefits for the body.

  • Protein

It is no more a secret that fish and seafood are one of the natural sources of animal protein. Seafood contains a lot of protein. Protein is very beneficial for the body as a substance that builds the body.

Cells that are damaged or dead will change with new cells. Well, if our body’s protein needs are met, then the cell regeneration will run well so that our body is kept healthy.

In addition, protein also functions to regulate the body’s metabolism, balance fluid levels in the body, and help produce hemoglobin and carry oxygen in the blood. Therefore, protein is a substance that is very important for the body.

One result of protein deficiency can cause cognitive impairment. The brain is one organ that uses a lot of protein to work. Therefore, if we lack protein, the brain cannot work properly.

  • Omega 3

Omega 3 is one of the essential fatty acids that are quite important for body health. This substance is mostly contained in various types of seafood. Therefore, it is not surprising that seafood is one of the most preferred sources of omega 3 people.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids. This means that the body cannot self-produce omega 3. Therefore, to meet the needs of omega 3, we need to consume foods that contain omega 3.

This substance functions for the body as a substance that plays a large role in the development of brain structures. This is very important for the work function of the brain so that the needs of sufficient omega 3 can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and depression, and improve cognitive performance.

Let’s Eat Seafood!

Thanks to the nutritional content that is needed by the body, seafood is one of the healthiest foods. Various nutrients in seafood are needed by the body to work properly.

Then, which type of seafood is the healthiest? All types of seafood are equally healthy. As long as they are not consumed excessively, then we can certainly feel the benefits. Various types of seafood will be found easily on the market. They are also a good source of nutrition.

Various types of fresh fish such as groupers, snapper, or tuna can be found easily. All fish are also very good for health because they contain many nutrients that the body needs. Besides fish, there are also types of shrimp and prawn, oysters, squid, and crabs. All members of seafood have a delicious taste and also contain substances needed by the body. Therefore, from now on, let’s enjoy seafood.

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